Download Leaked Wallpapers from all new HTC One

The all new HTC One will be unveiled on March 25 in London and New York and rumor has it that you’ll be able to buy it in early April. We know that a lot of people are excited about the new flagship Android phone, but we do have a consolation prize for those who want the phone but don’t have the money to buy it on day one – the HTC Sense 6 wallpaper collection from the all new HTC One.

We expect HTC to update the 2013 HTC One to Sense 6 sometime this summer, but with the wallpapers from the all new HTC One, you can make your old device look new again. We also promise to not tell anyone if you download the wallpapers on a non-HTC device.

Check out the gallery below to download the full resolution wallpapers from HTC Sense 6.







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